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Vertical Sunbeds for Stand Up Tanning…..

Sunbed Hire North West now offer a range sunbeds for sale.  Each sunbed is fully serviced and guaranteed for 12 months.

All our sunbeds can be personalised with a wide range of uva/uvb tanning lamps that are 0.3 compliant or with collagen tubes.  We are pleased to offer new Collatan tubes also (a combination of traditional and collagen tubes).

We are committed to offering extremely competitive prices.

We deliver and set up our sunbeds up for you, to ensure safety and convenience.

Please contact us to discuss our sunbeds for sale.

VX240 Stand-Up Sunbed

  • 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Customer comfort
  • Close proximity tanning
  • Full length customer controlled Body Breeze Unit
  • Total body coverage with full surround tanning
  • Metallic Silver paint and other options available


Sapphire Stand-UP Sunbed


  • Most Powerful upright tanning unit available for home use
  • 24 x 250 Watt 0.3 Compliant Tubes.
  • Full 360 Degrees Tanning Circle
  • Integrated Body Cooling Fans
  • Ultra Fast Tanning
  • Looks and Tans like a Commercial Sunbed
  • Space required – Height 1.8M, Width 1M