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Welcome to Sunbed Hire Northwest

Have you ever wanted your own sunbed fix without leaving your home, travelling and waiting for a free sunbed?

Save time and relax in the comfort of your own home by hiring your very own sunbed. Sunbed hire North West offer the largest range of vertical sunbeds, as well as a range of sunbed tubing options, from 240 – 250 watts, so you can be certain to find the perfect sunbed to suit you and your home.

We offer a choice of Sapphire, VX240, Double Elite Deluxe and Mega Sun Fold Away sunbeds. We are always available to offer expert advice on which type of sunbed will best meet your needs.

Our sunbeds offer the latest in tanning technology and are compact and discreet, so perfect for the home.

We offer sunbed hire to homes in the North West including Lancashire and Greater Manchester. This includes; Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Chorley, Darwen, Preston, Rochdale, Westhoughton and Wigan. If your area is not covered, please call us and we will try to help.

Please contact us for details of our fabulous deals and get yourself your very own sunbed in your home.


We recommend a sensible approach to tanning and will make a full assessment of your skin type & recommended exposure times on delivery of your sunbed.

We emphasise that no one under the age of 18 is permitted to use the sunbed and the person signing the hire contract is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Sunbed goggles are supplied and we recommend their use at all times while tanning.

All our Sunbeds are tested with the Solar Tech Metre and are 0.3 compliant to comply with British & European standards.


The 18 Tube Elite Double Unit produces a deep all over tan and saves time by exposing the whole body throughout the tanning session. You will benefit from the warm feeling of relaxation whilst tanning on this convenient model.

  • Canopy fitted with 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Base fitted with 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Curved top and bottom to promote an even all over tan and greater comfort
  • Appropriate safety timers fitted to conform with current legislation
  • Hydraulically assisted lift and lower enables finger tip control
  • Acrylic safety screens
  • Fan Cooled


The 9 Tube Elite Foldway Canopy is a low cost option which still produces excellent tanning results. A Fold Away unit is more desirable if space is an issue, as is stores vertically when not in use. It also offers optimal comfort and relaxation as you tan whilst laying on your own bed.


Check out the latest Stand up Vertical Sun Shower hire the very best Home Hire Sunbed you can the the Tansun Sapphire Sun Shower is the best , Salon style Sun Shower that looks and feels great, designed to give a perfect allover tan, fitted with full length Fast tanning tubes .


  • Most Powerful upright tanning unit available for home use
  • 24 x 250 Watt 0.3 Compliant Tubes.
  • Full 360 Degrees Tanning Circle
  • Integrated Body Cooling Fans
  • Ultra Fast Tanning
  • Looks and Tans like a Commercial Sunbed
  • Space required – Height 1.8M, Width 1M


The VX 24 Sun Shower Vertical Stand Up Sunbeds offer rapid tanning results and total body coverage. The close proximity tanning area is adjustable to suit individual requirements. A modern compact design takes up only 1 square metre saving space in your room.

  • 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Customer comfort
  • Close proximity tanning
  • Full length customer controlled Body Breeze Unit
  • Total body coverage with full surround tanning
  • Metallic Silver paint and other options available