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Sunbed Hire Northwest - Acne LED Treatment

Sunbed Hire North West now provides acne LED treatment units for Home Hire in the North West.

We offer Acne LED treatment hire to homes in the North West including Lancashire and Greater Manchester. This includes; Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Preston, Rochdale, Rossendale and Wigan. If your area is not covered, please call us and we will try to help.

Dermaclear is clinically proven to clear acne without the use of antibiotics or creams. Effective acne treatment, Clears and smoothes skin, and is Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial.

It is a natural acne treatment which is highly effective and safe.









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How Does It Work?

Blue Light (415nm)

Recently, a peak wavelength of 415nm has been found to be a highly effective acne treatment. This is blue light which is outside the UV range and therefore safe. During their normal life cycle, Propionibacterium acnes produce porphyrins which absorb energy from blue light. Using blue visible light (415nm) to irradiate bacterial porphyrins results in singlet oxygen production, which leads to the destruction of the acne bacteria.

Red Light (633nm)

While the blue light is effective at destroying the acne bacteria, exposure to 633nm low-level wavelengths (red light) releases cytokines which are important in the healing process. Cytokines stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts, which are cells in the skin central to skin renewal and repair. Cytokines lessen inflammation and so healing is accelerated and the chance of scarring is reduced.

There are many benefits to hiring an Acne LED Treatment Unit from Sunbed Hire North West:

Acne LED Treatment Hire Prices;

4 Weeks (Minimum)

5 Weeks      

6 Weeks

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

- £110

- £130

- £150

- £170

- £190

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Dermaclear Blue and Red LED Acne Light Therapy is the most efficient and potent acne light therapy which works quickly and is proven to resolve acne in only four weeks. Its use is limited to fifteen minutes per day and can successfully cast off bacterium which is responsible for development of irritating pimples.

The dermaclear consists of powerful acne light treatment lamp incorporated with 840 medical LEDs which emits light-waves to attack acne causing bacteria. It annihilates acne and minimizes the formation of scars. The Dermaclear is considered a natural acne remedy designed by joining blue and red LED technology and proven to be highly secure and potent in healing acne. First time users will be surprised by the sudden change brought about by this acne therapy.

With only 15 minutes of use per day  will achieve dramatic results for all acne sufferers.